Call for Proposals

Proposals are now invited for the 2017 ‘Building a New Economy for Australia’ Conference, being held 1-3 September 2017.

Proposals close 12 June 2017 and must use the Proposal Template (see below).

We invite all prospective participants to be creative with your proposals. The program will be an exciting mix of sessions, crafted to focus on the conference’s guiding theme: how do we inspire and build a new economy in Australian society?

TOPICS FOR PROPOSALS – can include, but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous economics – First Nations Peoples initiatives and projects
  • Ecological economics – sustainability, degrowth, ecological limits and the steady state
  • Ecologically focussed local economic initiatives including restoration, rehabilitation and eco-tourism
  • Population issues in the New Economy
  • Consumption, production, sharing, ‘making’, remaking and repairs
  • Distributed manufacturing – re-localised production to support community economies
  • Platform cooperatives, blockchain and community asset sharing
  • Feminism and the new economy
  • Food and food systems in the new economy
  • Law in the new economy – regulation, governance, legal services for the New Economy
  • Diverse forms of ownership – including the commons, cooperatives and community ownership
  • The future of work – labour, unions, work-life balance
  • Money, finance and alternative currencies
  • Energy – community energy, renewable energy, distributed systems
  • Post-extractivism – economics beyond large scale mining and resource extraction
  • Communication about new economies
  • Advocacy, organising and creating social change to build the new economy
  • Subjective experience and the role of our inner life in building a sustainable economy
  • Mapping tools for the new economy
  • Research methods and projects that support the new economy
  • International perspectives and initiatives


  • Academic papers (PhD students and Early Career Researchers are encouraged) – 15 minute presentations
  • Practitioner papers – 15 minute presentations
  • Panel discussions and facilitated workshops – 20 to 50 minutes
  • Problem solving clinics, training, professional development – up to 50 minutes
  • New Economy Lab – propose an experiment to conduct with willing participants (e.g. it could be about currencies / sharing systems, etc.), before, during, or after the conference, and use a 50 min conference session to review it or start it
  • New Economy Change Projects – 50 minute sessions for those who want to propose specific social change projects and who intend to continue these projects after the conference (and stay connected to the New Economy Network)
  • Discussion groups, arts projects, debates, working group meetings – 50 minutes
  • Facilitated games – 30 to 50 minutes
  • Short performances, creative interludes or interventions – 5 to 10 minutes
  • Posters


You can also come along to the conference and propose an ‘unconference’ or open space session. These spaces will be available on Saturday 2nd and Sunday, 3rd September