Speakers and Participants


Confirmed speakers on Day 1 of the Conference, (Friday 1st September) are as follows:

  • Kate Raworth, author of ‘Doughnut Economics’ will be joining us from the UK, via Skype, to give a keynote address on Friday 1st September.
  • Professor Robert Costanza, one of the world’s leading experts on ecological economics, will be joining us at the conference and giving a talk about key issues that must be factored into the new economy movement
  • Jason Nardi, from RIPESS International and Social Solidarity Europe will be joining us for the conference from Italy, to talk about trends and developments in the Social Solidarity and ‘new economy’ movements around the world.
  • Associate Adjunct Professor Mary Graham, First Nations Elder, will share insights into the Earth-centred, steady-state culture and economic system of First Nations Peoples 
  • Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe will be discussing the ‘Critical Parameters’ of ecological health within the new economy movement in Australia
  • Richard Dennis, Chief Economist, Australia Institute
  • David Ritter, CEO Greenpeace Australia Pacific
  • Elsie L’Huillier, The Community Coach
  • Haydn Washington, CASSE NSW
  • Amanda Cahill, Centre for Social Change
  • Jose Ramos, Action Foresight and Consulting Editor of the Journal of Future Studies
  • Michelle Maloney, Australian Earth Laws Alliance
  • Darren Sharp, Director of Social Surplus and Australian editor of Shareable
  • Jane O’Sullivan, Sustainable Population Australia
  • Peter Westoby, University of Queensland