Interim Steering Group

At the 2016 ‘Building the New Economy’ Conference, Dr Michelle Maloney (AELA) offered to host the 2017 Conference and help coordinate the creation of a New Economy network or coalition for Australia.  An Interim Steering Group was created, to help organise the 2017 New Economy Conference and oversee the first stage of work to set up what is temporarily being called ‘NENA’, the New Economy Network Australia.

The Interim Steering Group’s main objectives are to:

  • Create a Draft Charter for NENA, which will be circulated to all working groups and interested people ahead of the 2017 Conference and refined as feedback and input is provided;
  • Secure endorsement of the Draft Charter for NENA, by participants at the 2017 Conference;
  • Oversee the election of a new Steering Group for NENA at the 2017 Conference, after the Charter is endorsed and the Network is officially launched.

The following people have very kindly volunteered their time, separate to their usual work life, to be part of the NENA Interim Steering Group:

  • Michelle Maloney
  • Bronwen Morgan
  • Amanda Cahill
  • Darren Sharp
  • Jose Ramos
  • Alan Greig
  • David Thompson

For more information about the Interim Steering Group, please email: