Have your say

This page has been created to invite people to provide feedback and/or get involved in NENA initiatives and projects.  Scroll down to read about some of our current initiatives and get involved/have your say.  And don’t forget to visit our Working Groups webpage, to see if there are any groups you’d like to get involved with. If you have any questions, please email: neweconomy@earthlaws.org.au


The NENA Mapping Working Group is inviting people to fill out a survey, to share information about their projects and initiatives on the NENA Map of Australia.  To fill out the survey, all you need to do is click here and follow the prompts.

The first version of the NENA Map of Australia will be launched at the 2017 Conference.


A first draft ‘Constitution’ (or Network Rules) for NENA is now available for interested people to read and provide comments on. We’re keen to have as many people involved in co-creating the rules as possible. So how can you get involved and have your say?

Step 1. Please click here to download a word version of the first draft NENA Constitution.

Step 2. Once you’ve read the draft document, click here to fill out a short survey, and share a summary of your views.

Step 3. If you want to make further specific comments and changes to the draft Constitution, please download the word document, make tracked changes and email the document to: neweconomy@earthlaws.org.au

A further version of the Constitution will be available by the end of July

For more information please email: neweconomy@earthlaws.org.au